Promote your blog posts on social media:


This can definitely NOT be ignored! There are millions of social media users on Facebook, Twitter, and Google + etc that may want to read your posts. If you promote your blog posts on these sites (just like other bloggers) you can instantly have your posts seen by hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of viewers.

It's important to promote your blog posts to targeted people that will be interested. It is not a good idea to promote blog posts about dogs to animal lovers. Post your blog post to relevant Facebook groups and add people who are in your niche. Enter keywords into Twitter search to find people who talk about your niche.

Your blog posts should be posted several times. These days people are following so many people they may miss your post.

Mailing Lists

In my opinion a mailing list is the best way to promote your blog posts and reach out to your followers. Social media is all good but as said before, if people aren't looking at their feed constantly all day they can miss your post.

Create a mailing list so that all subscribers receive an email alerting them to your latest post. It is important to keep your posts interesting so that your subscribers will always want to open their emails.


Visit blogs about your niche and raise some topics. Other forum members can ask questions about your post. You can reply with a brief answer and then direct them to your post.

Due to spamming a lot of forums have rules such as mandatory sign ups, having to leave a certain amount of replies before you can create posts. It may take some effort but it can drive large amounts of traffic to these forums, which can be large communities.

Promote blog posts with articles:

Article writing is viewed as outdated and unpopular by many people. It can drive huge traffic to your posts. Every day millions of people search online for information, and they are especially interested in articles that provide reliable and rich content.

Google loves articles because they are trusted sources of information. This gives you an advantage in search engine ranking.

Take note that a lot of article sites do not allow promotion, it's all about the content. Although you can include links to your website, chances are that you won't be able promote products or services.

Question and answer websites:

Question and answer websites are sites such as Yahoo answers where people ask a question to internet users. Similar to the forums, search for questions related to your blog post. Provide a link that will answer their question. These questions can be found by searching Google.